Loft Conversions into Sauna and Steam Rooms

Here at Samantha Lombardi, our main focus is to take a look at and think of new loft designs. And not just new loft designs but also new loft additions, since there are always new things that we are able to do and new things that we are able to add with every loft. Since it is my job on a day to day basis, I consistently create new designs and also help build those designs out for loft conversions. One of the many things that I would like to talk about in these blog posts are some of the crazier and out there design ideas that I have had for potential lofts.

One of the loft conversion designs that I have had is a design for a sauna and steam room. The basis of the room is actually quite simple and it is pretty self-explanatory what the aim behind the loft conversion is, but it is something that I have done before and I had taken a great amount of enjoyment in doing so. It turns out that if you have a very good plumber either within your company or on hand to help, it actually works really well. Depending on the size and restrictions of the loft it may be impossible to actually complete this project since you have a few different things to install that might be quite an issue, but otherwise it is more than able. Using a smart placement of the sauna and steam room walls, as well as insulation that is designed to shut off all potential air leaks, you can create the greatest double steam and sauna.

With the steam room the design idea is quite simple. You most likely want to use tiles within the sauna instead of any other properties, as it will be practically immune to any potential issues such as mould that will eventually grow due to the constant humidity within the room. You also want to make sure that the steam room has no possible air leaks within the room and even the door should not have any space between the frames. You should also use a glass door just as any gym or spa would use as it is very easy to clean (not that you would often need to) but any other type of material is asking for damages over time. Due to the constant steam in the room, a nice set of tiles and glass dooring will definitely make sure that the room is not vulnerable for damages. I would use a nice combination of white floor tiling and ocean blue tiles on the walls and ceiling to make it truly feel that you are in an ocean. You must also fit the humidifier opposite the door to ensure no air leaks happen.

The sauna room should be exactly parallel to the steam in every way, and should be separated by thick walls to ensure that the structural integrity of the room is sound. IT also means that the temperature and steam within the steam room does not leak through the loft walling. It should be self-explanatory if you have ever been in a sauna, but the walls and benches should all by wooden. Wood does not absorb heat like metal, plastic and other materials do, meaning that the benches are as safe for a human to use as possible.

What you must remember is that you are designing a wet room for a loft, which means that you have to make sure the loft will not be damaged over time. It is very easy for the steam and sauna to leak hot water and steam into the boarding or walls of the loft, allowing for some really potentially dangerous damages for your customers loft. The damages will also be severe so you should ensure that you absolutely do it correctly by making the walls and flooring as thick as possible. Please take a look at my blog post tomorrow as I will be discussing my video game loft!