Fish Tank Loft Conversion!

Here at Samantha Lombardi we have spoken often about some of the many loft conversion design ideas that we have come up with, but this one is going to be both a bit simpler, and what you could consider a lot less creative design. The design concept that we created was simply a bedroom, but there was a massive twist to the bedroom. Before we get on to the twist I do want to discuss the actual design process to the bedroom itself, since most of the bedroom was created and designed to be as clashing as possible. The room itself had quite the finish and by the time we completed the project we were proud of it.

What made the loft conversion stand out from the other bedroom loft conversions that we have done in the past and others have done in the past was the flooring. We created a massive, underground fish tank. This was by far the most imaginative, inventive and expensive conversion design and project that we or maybe anyone else has ever created. What many people do not realise about fish tanks of such as large size is how much it actuals costs to both run the fish tank day to day but to also maintain it. A whole room needs to be dedicated to make sure that the fish tank is being cleaned and filtrated correctly and able to keep the fish alive, and you even need a separate spot to feed the fish too.

So we dedicated an entire downstairs space for a filtration system, but this worked much better than we anticipated. Because we placed the filtration system directly below the fish tank itself, it made it very simple to place and ensure that the filter spread. What made it even easier is that since we could not add to much water to the base floor to begin with, it meant that there was less water than anticipated to be filtered. That was the easy part, but we were very lucky we made the system work.

Intricacies of the Loft Conversion


What made the whole thing even better was the flooring itself. Since we could install glass strong enough to withstand a giant bolder, we didn’t have to worry about weight restricitions or anything being damaged. We created a thin, almost criss-cross pattern using black stone within the glass so that although you could see the entire tank itself looking down, it also gave an edgier and more mysterious look to the tank itself.

Finally, we used water resistant lighting to make sure the tank really came to life. Using colourful custom sand colour, we could make the water in the tank look like a mystic ocean. With the addition of tropical and exotic fish, and even more traditional fish we were able to create a mini ocean within the flooring within the bedroom. It was our favourite loft conversion design we ever created and it will always be our go to.

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Board game loft!

Samantha Lombardi has dedicated its entity and life to ensure that loft conversions around the United Kingdom and the world as a whole are able to stay innovative and fresh, constantly offering new and amazing loft conversion designs that have yet to be seen. One of the many loft conversion designs that we have come up with in the past are loft conversions that are completely dedicated towards table top and board games. While we have many favourites within our designs, this is definitely something that we would love to do again because of the nostalgia it brought us here at the team and just the amount of fun it was to do to begin with.

The first design idea that we absolutely had to go for was making the floor a large game of Monopoly. I’m sure Monopoly is a staple in many people’s households and all are aware of what Monopoly is so I don’t think I need to explain it, but it’s probably the biggest board game in history. So, we only saw it fitting to make that the focal point of the entire room itself by painting a large, handmade monopoly game within the flooring of the loft.

We painted the flooring of the loft to resemble one of the original versions of the board game, and had to make sure that each property matched. We also wanted to leave enough space to paint the bank notes on the floor because as we all know, that was the most important part of the game! We also decided to make the playing pieces the Dog, Top Hat, Train and Car since they were the usual favourites whenever someone played the game. So, they became the playing pieces and what was basically the major part of the entire floor painting.

Other board games in the loft!


We then thought that it would be cool to set a few more board games within the wall. We felt that there are a few other board games that are just as big as Monopoly and we wanted to put them in the room somehow too. So, we decided to paint the board design of Cluedo onto one of the walls because we think that that is just as important a game! We also felt that adding some of the playing cards was a good idea too, since it reminds the players of what cards are available to go for! On another wall, we thought it good to add Risk, to remind anyone playing the competitiveness of board games themselves!

Finally, we thought it that the main focus of the room should be on the table itself. Since that is where the board games will be played, we wanted to make sure both the table and the surrounding chairs and sofas were as comfortable as possible. So, we decided to add cotton to the sides of the table to ensure comfortability, and we also make sure the chairs that were used were both the softest and comfiest. Finally, we went with an oak table finish to give the room a bit more of a grand feel to it.

Arcade Games!

Here at Samantha Lombardi’s we have spoken about so many different types of loft conversion designs and ideas that I’ve begun to lose track! We have spoken about the industry, video games conversions and many more but one of the other things that I wanted to talk about is a table top and board game design that I have created in the past. We have been asked to create a loft of innovative and creative loft conversion rooms but one of my favourites personally was when I was asked to create an arcade loft conversion. I’ll probably discuss the board game room tomorrow because that one was truly amazing, but the loft conversion room that was designed on arcade games was a very fun one to make!

The first thing that we wanted to make sure to do and do it properly was the flooring. We had a few ideas that we couldn’t settle on at first, but in the end, we decided to go with a Pac-Man arcade game theme on the floor. This may sound both confusing and really nerdy (and to a certain extent it probably was!) but it was actually a really fun design. The flooring itself had to be covered by incredibly strong plexi-glass that could handle a lot of weight being put onto it due to the arcade games. We wanted to create it in full and deliver it to the site but because of how large the glass was, we weren’t able to get it into the room that way.

The glass!


So, we decided to fix the glass to the design by creating individual pieces, and under it is where the design came from. We created a light-up maze on the floor to resemble the maze in Pac-Man, and we created both a mini Pac-Man that constantly ran around the maze being chased by ghosts. We also added LED lights to be the little yellow balls that Pac-Man ate during the game. So, the flooring was essentially a light-up Pac-Man game, and we fit the plexiglass around the lights themselves so it looked like a seamless installation.

For the walls, we had to go something with a little less creativity, and decided to paint a game of Space Invaders into the wall. Using black paint to match the background of the original arcade game and then painting the rest in, the room itself already started to take shape. In fact, the room itself looked like any arcade gamers dream.

But then we had to install the arcade games into the room without taking too much space away from where it mattered. So, we fit the arcade games around the space invaders and the lights that we installed on the floor. Since there wasn’t much of a requirement for things such as sofas and other furniture, we had a lot of free space to experiment and to create something that would be memorable but unique. The room was one of the best designs that we had ever created, and that’s why people always come back to Samantha Lombardi!

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Home Theatres

At Samantha Lombardi’s, we believe ourselves to be innovative and constantly creative when it comes to new loft designs and ideas. That is why we have been what we believe to be the premier spearhead company when it comes to fresh and new loft conversions. One of these innovative loft conversion design ideas that we have been regularly implementing into lofts around the United Kingdom are home theatres. Regularly we create and design home theatres for Loft’s around the United Kingdom and as you can imagine, they are an incredibly tough and complex design to implement. This is for a variety of reasons such as the space restrictions in many lofts around the UK, the budget that is required to have a home theatre set up properly and even the roof restrictions.

Usually a home theatre conversion is something that is saved for basements or other rooms that are already quite large and will have no issue fitting heavy or large equipment such as the screen in them. In this case however, there is a lot of work that needs to be done, but we have managed to do time and again.

The Designs themselves!


We have created many home theatre loft designs that we think are both breath-taking and in the best sense of the word, overwhelming for those who are using it. One of the design ideas that we have had for a home theatre conversion is a windowless loft in order to ensure that the loft itself receives no natural light, helping black out the room altogether. The only light source within a loft design such as this would be an electrical fixture placed on the ceiling of the loft. This is for the obvious reasons of both safety when you are using the room and you need a light source, and because the room itself should not be permanently blacked out.

Another design idea that we had created for home cinema lofts are windows that use shutters made from thick fabrics or metal panelling to black out the room when necessary, but also offer natural light when you would like. This is a simple design, with the windows being placed in the middle of the wall and equal distance between the floor and ceiling. The size and widths of the windows are of course up to the person who’s loft we are designing, but the shudders themselves usually match.

Furniture also plays a big part of the design process. The average home theatre loft would be covered with leather materials such as the sofas and chairs that are for viewing. However, we often believe that comfier and less sturdy material should be the fabrics chosen.

Fabrics such as cotton or wool that are designed to sink into are for us the better choice since leather can be uncomfortable during the summer. For the most part however, these fabrics would still be dyed black to match with the overall theme of the theatre itself. This is something we would usually require input from the owner of the loft however.

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Video Game Loft Conversion Design

There is a new loft design that I want to talk about here on Samantha Lombardi, which is the games room loft design. This is a bit of a blank canvas when discussing games rooms because there are so many different types of games such as board games, table top games and video games that you can dedicate a loft conversion to. There are so many varieties and I want to discuss some of the cooler loft conversion games rooms that I have created in the past, and I am fully aware that some of these are going to be relatively unknown to you!

The first ever loft conversion room that I have ever created was dedicated to video games. There are so many different types of video games out there so believe me when I say, designing a loft for video games it really broad and difficult. Luckily, the customer at the time had a very specific taste and also has a few favoured games. I believe that he called the games RPG’s, and there are a few game titles that he suggested to me. He was an avid fan of the computer game FIFA (which is a football or soccer game), and another game called Final Fantasy. So, after a few suggestions from him and a few hours of research, I came up with a great design for the loft conversion. I decided to design the room to be a half football and half video game room to make the room feel as fun as possible for him.

The Loft Conversion itself!

I decided to lay half of the flooring of the loft into AstroTurf grass, which was actually much more comfortable than I thought it would be. There are certain types of AstroTurf that you can place within your home that isn’t as messy or dirty that others can be. The other half of the flooring I decided to lay black wooden flooring that had a design of one of the video game logos on it. I used stencil and tracing paper to create a logo within the floor of a video game called Final Fantasy 7 and the flooring really blended in with the colour clash luckily. Things like that are a bit risky because they can either look really good or really ugly. But because the AstroTurf had a black layering it ended up looking quite good.

I decided that I should place the video game console and the TV on the AstroTurf as it seemed both more colourful and comfortable, and I placed the TV on a stainless steel black desk. The loft already started to come together brilliantly and it was one of my favourite designs that I had ever created. I decided to paint the corner of the room as a corner flag and I painted football stands on the side with the AstroTurf to give the whole half of the room a football stadium vibe.

The other half of the loft had sofas and chairs for a more of a relaxation area, and that is also the side I placed the glass window. The glass window was floor to ceiling so it allows light to be brought into the room. Luckily, I wasn’t stupid and the glare of the sun doesn’t come onto the TV. The whole room blended together really well and we didn’t have to worry about anything such as clashing in designs or anything else. It was one of the best loft conversion designs that I have created and I would love for more people to have the same!

Here at Samantha Lombardi, we often create new and innovative loft conversion designs and I hope that you enjoyed my last blog post that I made yesterday, and I hope that you will continue to enjoy some of the future designs that I will be telling you about!