Arcade Games!

Here at Samantha Lombardi’s we have spoken about so many different types of loft conversion designs and ideas that I’ve begun to lose track! We have spoken about the industry, video games conversions and many more but one of the other things that I wanted to talk about is a table top and board game design that I have created in the past. We have been asked to create a loft of innovative and creative loft conversion rooms but one of my favourites personally was when I was asked to create an arcade loft conversion. I’ll probably discuss the board game room tomorrow because that one was truly amazing, but the loft conversion room that was designed on arcade games was a very fun one to make!

The first thing that we wanted to make sure to do and do it properly was the flooring. We had a few ideas that we couldn’t settle on at first, but in the end, we decided to go with a Pac-Man arcade game theme on the floor. This may sound both confusing and really nerdy (and to a certain extent it probably was!) but it was actually a really fun design. The flooring itself had to be covered by incredibly strong plexi-glass that could handle a lot of weight being put onto it due to the arcade games. We wanted to create it in full and deliver it to the site but because of how large the glass was, we weren’t able to get it into the room that way.

The glass!


So, we decided to fix the glass to the design by creating individual pieces, and under it is where the design came from. We created a light-up maze on the floor to resemble the maze in Pac-Man, and we created both a mini Pac-Man that constantly ran around the maze being chased by ghosts. We also added LED lights to be the little yellow balls that Pac-Man ate during the game. So, the flooring was essentially a light-up Pac-Man game, and we fit the plexiglass around the lights themselves so it looked like a seamless installation.

For the walls, we had to go something with a little less creativity, and decided to paint a game of Space Invaders into the wall. Using black paint to match the background of the original arcade game and then painting the rest in, the room itself already started to take shape. In fact, the room itself looked like any arcade gamers dream.

But then we had to install the arcade games into the room without taking too much space away from where it mattered. So, we fit the arcade games around the space invaders and the lights that we installed on the floor. Since there wasn’t much of a requirement for things such as sofas and other furniture, we had a lot of free space to experiment and to create something that would be memorable but unique. The room was one of the best designs that we had ever created, and that’s why people always come back to Samantha Lombardi!

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