Board game loft!

Samantha Lombardi has dedicated its entity and life to ensure that loft conversions around the United Kingdom and the world as a whole are able to stay innovative and fresh, constantly offering new and amazing loft conversion designs that have yet to be seen. One of the many loft conversion designs that we have come up with in the past are loft conversions that are completely dedicated towards table top and board games. While we have many favourites within our designs, this is definitely something that we would love to do again because of the nostalgia it brought us here at the team and just the amount of fun it was to do to begin with.

The first design idea that we absolutely had to go for was making the floor a large game of Monopoly. I’m sure Monopoly is a staple in many people’s households and all are aware of what Monopoly is so I don’t think I need to explain it, but it’s probably the biggest board game in history. So, we only saw it fitting to make that the focal point of the entire room itself by painting a large, handmade monopoly game within the flooring of the loft.

We painted the flooring of the loft to resemble one of the original versions of the board game, and had to make sure that each property matched. We also wanted to leave enough space to paint the bank notes on the floor because as we all know, that was the most important part of the game! We also decided to make the playing pieces the Dog, Top Hat, Train and Car since they were the usual favourites whenever someone played the game. So, they became the playing pieces and what was basically the major part of the entire floor painting.

Other board games in the loft!


We then thought that it would be cool to set a few more board games within the wall. We felt that there are a few other board games that are just as big as Monopoly and we wanted to put them in the room somehow too. So, we decided to paint the board design of Cluedo onto one of the walls because we think that that is just as important a game! We also felt that adding some of the playing cards was a good idea too, since it reminds the players of what cards are available to go for! On another wall, we thought it good to add Risk, to remind anyone playing the competitiveness of board games themselves!

Finally, we thought it that the main focus of the room should be on the table itself. Since that is where the board games will be played, we wanted to make sure both the table and the surrounding chairs and sofas were as comfortable as possible. So, we decided to add cotton to the sides of the table to ensure comfortability, and we also make sure the chairs that were used were both the softest and comfiest. Finally, we went with an oak table finish to give the room a bit more of a grand feel to it.