Fish Tank Loft Conversion!

Here at Samantha Lombardi we have spoken often about some of the many loft conversion design ideas that we have come up with, but this one is going to be both a bit simpler, and what you could consider a lot less creative design. The design concept that we created was simply a bedroom, but there was a massive twist to the bedroom. Before we get on to the twist I do want to discuss the actual design process to the bedroom itself, since most of the bedroom was created and designed to be as clashing as possible. The room itself had quite the finish and by the time we completed the project we were proud of it.

What made the loft conversion stand out from the other bedroom loft conversions that we have done in the past and others have done in the past was the flooring. We created a massive, underground fish tank. This was by far the most imaginative, inventive and expensive conversion design and project that we or maybe anyone else has ever created. What many people do not realise about fish tanks of such as large size is how much it actuals costs to both run the fish tank day to day but to also maintain it. A whole room needs to be dedicated to make sure that the fish tank is being cleaned and filtrated correctly and able to keep the fish alive, and you even need a separate spot to feed the fish too.

So we dedicated an entire downstairs space for a filtration system, but this worked much better than we anticipated. Because we placed the filtration system directly below the fish tank itself, it made it very simple to place and ensure that the filter spread. What made it even easier is that since we could not add to much water to the base floor to begin with, it meant that there was less water than anticipated to be filtered. That was the easy part, but we were very lucky we made the system work.

Intricacies of the Loft Conversion


What made the whole thing even better was the flooring itself. Since we could install glass strong enough to withstand a giant bolder, we didn’t have to worry about weight restricitions or anything being damaged. We created a thin, almost criss-cross pattern using black stone within the glass so that although you could see the entire tank itself looking down, it also gave an edgier and more mysterious look to the tank itself.

Finally, we used water resistant lighting to make sure the tank really came to life. Using colourful custom sand colour, we could make the water in the tank look like a mystic ocean. With the addition of tropical and exotic fish, and even more traditional fish we were able to create a mini ocean within the flooring within the bedroom. It was our favourite loft conversion design we ever created and it will always be our go to.

I hope you enjoyed todays blog post. Samantha Lombardi is the loft conversion designer with the loft conversion in Leeds business by the name of Leeds Loft Converters. Samantha Lombardi and Leeds Loft Converters have been converting and extending lofts for the last few years, and we will continue to bring those designs to life here on this blog!