Video Game Loft Conversion Design

There is a new loft design that I want to talk about here on Samantha Lombardi, which is the games room loft design. This is a bit of a blank canvas when discussing games rooms because there are so many different types of games such as board games, table top games and video games that you can dedicate a loft conversion to. There are so many varieties and I want to discuss some of the cooler loft conversion games rooms that I have created in the past, and I am fully aware that some of these are going to be relatively unknown to you!

The first ever loft conversion room that I have ever created was dedicated to video games. There are so many different types of video games out there so believe me when I say, designing a loft for video games it really broad and difficult. Luckily, the customer at the time had a very specific taste and also has a few favoured games. I believe that he called the games RPG’s, and there are a few game titles that he suggested to me. He was an avid fan of the computer game FIFA (which is a football or soccer game), and another game called Final Fantasy. So, after a few suggestions from him and a few hours of research, I came up with a great design for the loft conversion. I decided to design the room to be a half football and half video game room to make the room feel as fun as possible for him.

The Loft Conversion itself!

I decided to lay half of the flooring of the loft into AstroTurf grass, which was actually much more comfortable than I thought it would be. There are certain types of AstroTurf that you can place within your home that isn’t as messy or dirty that others can be. The other half of the flooring I decided to lay black wooden flooring that had a design of one of the video game logos on it. I used stencil and tracing paper to create a logo within the floor of a video game called Final Fantasy 7 and the flooring really blended in with the colour clash luckily. Things like that are a bit risky because they can either look really good or really ugly. But because the AstroTurf had a black layering it ended up looking quite good.

I decided that I should place the video game console and the TV on the AstroTurf as it seemed both more colourful and comfortable, and I placed the TV on a stainless steel black desk. The loft already started to come together brilliantly and it was one of my favourite designs that I had ever created. I decided to paint the corner of the room as a corner flag and I painted football stands on the side with the AstroTurf to give the whole half of the room a football stadium vibe.

The other half of the loft had sofas and chairs for a more of a relaxation area, and that is also the side I placed the glass window. The glass window was floor to ceiling so it allows light to be brought into the room. Luckily, I wasn’t stupid and the glare of the sun doesn’t come onto the TV. The whole room blended together really well and we didn’t have to worry about anything such as clashing in designs or anything else. It was one of the best loft conversion designs that I have created and I would love for more people to have the same!

Here at Samantha Lombardi, we often create new and innovative loft conversion designs and I hope that you enjoyed my last blog post that I made yesterday, and I hope that you will continue to enjoy some of the future designs that I will be telling you about!